About Us

As a child my fondest memories are of our family get togethers, overflowing with food, drinks, laughter and happiness. Everyone pitched in, brought their favorite dishes, specialty drinks and secret recipes including my Great Grandma Pilar who handed down not only her recipes but stories we loved to hear including this one, my favorite.

Sonoro, Mexico 1930’s

It was a dangerous place when the banditos came to town. The townspeople were fearful as the outlaws rode in, robbing and pillaging the penniless Mexican citizens. Crime was uncontrollable until they brought in the forces, a crime fighter known as El Jefe (The Big Boss) and his posse of men who stormed in to clean up the crime-infested village. There was no jury, no trial, the accused were caught and hung like a piƱata from the nearest tree. With their mission complete it was time to move on to the next village, but rest and a meal were vital. El Jefe and his men would ride to Pilarcita’s house for the bounty of food she would cook in her modest home. Mexican dishes, carne asada, marinades, soups and other mouth-pleasing treasures were created specially for these men the townspeople owed so much.

Our family still gathers together but instead of Great Grandma Pilar (she passed away to the big kitchen in the sky) cooking up a storm, the vacancy has been filled by her granddaughter, great-granddaughter and anyone else that wants to throw around some food and creativity.
We absolutely love what we do and what makes this even sweeter is that we are able to share it with you.
We truly appreciate your feedback, questions, or comments whether it’s good or just maybe not so great and we’ll work hard to make it great and to make you happy with our products and services.

Please join my family and cook up some of our savory recipes for your family today. Con Gusto!